Why We Care?

At Speedie Clean Express Car Wash, we strive to do our part in helping our communities thrive. Hosting local fundraising events is one of the ways we give back.

Speedie Clean Express Car Wash offers a quick and easy way to raise money for your organization. Our fundraising program discourages wasteful and polluting parking lot car washes by providing discounted professional car washes. Most importantly, your organization does not have to wash any vehicles!

How It Works:

  • Your organization registers with our car wash for a set time-period and we assign your organization a four-digit code. (We need 30 day advance notice.)
  • We will give you cards to give out to your supporters with the instructions on how to use the code when coming into Speedie Clean.
  • Your organization gives out the cards and promotes the code throughout their organization.
  • Supporters come into Speedie Clean and use the code when making a purchase.
  • These supporters coming into Speedie Clean will have an option to purchase our Clean & Shine Wash ($9), our Protect & Shine Wash ($11), or our Protection Plus Wash ($14).
  • We will donate 30% of the total wash sales collected during the fundraiser time period.
  • There is no cost to the organization for signing up. Simply at the end of the fundraising period we will write you a check for the percentage of revenue that your organization earned.
  • If 200 people spend an average price of $10 for the time period then your organization will receive a check for $600 without even having to do anything at all other than promoting your code.

Who Qualifiescar-wash-fundraiser

  • Any Non-Profit Organization
  • Local Service Clubs
  • Schools and School Bands
  • Community Projects
  • Church and Synagogue Groups
  • Amateur Youth Athletic Teams


  • Easy to distribute – Easy to profit
  • Raise money quickly and on a regular basis
  • Nothing to buy, nothing to inventory, nothing to deliver, nothing to spoil
  • No orders to take
  • No liability!

Your supporters will receive a true value for their contribution, because you’ll be offering a quality product from an environmentally friendly company! Everyone LOVES a clean car – let’s get started!
If you would like to inquire about setting up a fundraiser with Speedie Clean:

  • Download the Fundraiser Contract (pdf)
  • Fax the completed form to (714) 836-6111 or email the completed form to:
  • We will  contact you regarding fundraising possibilities.